Risk Management

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We develop pro-active strategies to help with the uncertainty of the future.  From life insurance, to group health plans, long-term care, income and asset protection, we can help you and your employees with a steady hand at the helm.

Risk is all around us.  While some risks can be avoided, its impossible to know when others will randomly strike.  By developing and maintaining custom risk management strategies, we can help you to ease the burden of the unexpected.  How much is it worth to have peace of mind, and to know that you have put yourself, your company, your employees, and your family in a position to move forward through adversity.

Not only can we create strategies to fit your specific set of circumstances, but our work doesn’t stop there.  As situations change, we actively monitor and manage changing needs, and we anticipate resource needs to allow your strategy to flow forward seamlessly.

Our Scope

Operating and holding licenses in every state and U.S. territory, Burri & Company® offers our unique combination of insurance products and compliance services seamlessly throughout the country, and through a single point of contact. Whether purchasing insurance products, utilizing our Concierge Services, or taking advantage of our cutting edge compliance reviews, you will find that Burri offers solutions to the toughest risk management challenges.

Our Capabilities
Navigating the complexities of diverse State laws, and coordination with the Affordable Care Act is Burri’s expertise. For nearly three decades, Burri has provided comprehensive insurance products and exceptional risk avoidance and transfer solutions for our clients’ operations. We have continually helped clients large and small with risk management challenges to develop and tailor comprehensive insurance strategies backed by large and stable carriers to protect employee and executive human resource assets.

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