Employee Benefits Concierge Service at your fingertips

In competitive talent markets, offering a rich employee benefits package is just the beginning.  Firms are also spending massive amounts on extraneous benefits such as on-site child care, on-site fitness facilities, on-site gourmet/healthy cafes, personal trainers, vehicle care, and even salon services.  However, consistently even the top firms are neglecting one crucial area of their employee benefits plan:  Service.  Let’s face it, when an employee has a problem with the insurance company, they often blame the employer.  And even worse, most times, the employer doesn’t even know when an employee is having a problem.

Many companies are spending small fortunes to offer extremely rich insurance plans, and then turning the care of their employees over to insurance carriers who are staffing their giant call centers with overseas operators who are not proficient in the language, and who don’t truly care for the employees that they are responsible for helping.  Many times these call centers are contracted out to the lowest bidder, and with the changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act, most carriers are looking to cut the costs of their service operations even more.

Burri Concierge Service is different.  We have an “800 number” that we provide to every single employee and covered dependent, and we emphasize that the they should use it, consistently and often.  The first difference you will notice is that we actually answer our phones, almost always, on the first ring.  We do not have a “phone tree” where you have to “press 1 for this, or press 2 for that.”  We have real, honest-to-goodness people that answer the phone, and these are our ACTUAL service managers (not receptionists).  When you call, it gets right into the heart of our service team, and we help your employees immediately.  No phone trees, no answering machines, no “leave a message and we’ll call you back”, no telling your story over and over again to 5 different people…just good, old-fashioned, polite people to actually help your employees.

The second thing you will notice about our Concierge Service is that we get results.  After your employee calls us to help with a problem, they can hang up and get back to focusing on their work, or their family.  We act on their behalf as an advocate, and work to resolve their problem, which allows them to rest easy.  We produce measurable results, and we track every single service case until the issue is resolved and our team CONFIRMS with the employee that it is resolved.  We have such a large client base that our carriers have provided us with direct, internal contact information and dedicated internal service people.  We can fast-track solutions, so employee issues are handled quickly and effectively.

As the Employer, you will also notice that over time, our Concierge Service will save the plan a great deal of money, and save your HR Manager a great deal of time.  As we engage the employees and we impress upon them how we can help, we will begin to uncover greater and greater opportunities for savings.  For example, we ask (not require) employees to send us any bill that they receive from a provider.  We review the bill to determine #1) that the billing is correct, and #2) that the insurance was applied correctly.  We have found that about 11% of all bills received by employees contain at least 1 error.  This leads to direct out-of-pocket savings for the employee, and savings to the plan itself.  We can also track employee HRA’s, HSA’s & deductibles, handle claims appeals, and uncover other opportunities for savings.  Another example of savings we can generate is that we review the Rx claims reports to help employees enroll in home-delivery programs for maintenance prescriptions.  We complete all the paperwork, and the processing, the employee just needs to sign for it.  This simple action will save the employee and the plan a significant amount of money.

Your HR Manager will come to love our services as well.  Although we cannot possibly replace the function of your HR Manager, we can help make things easier and less time-consuming for them.  We can do as much as your HR Manager feels comfortable letting us handle.  For example, we can handle all enrollments, by fully explaining all the employee benefits programs (not just the insurance plans), and completing the necessary paperwork.  We can also handle all terminations, billing disputes, special enrollments, coordination of benefits, COBRA administration and paperwork preparation, special report generation and customization, and more.  Basically, our team becomes an extension of your HR manager and is at their service as much as they would like to use us.  Instantly, your HR Manager will get a knowledgeable team of professionals that are vastly experienced with the functions and responsibilities of the HR department.

CFO Concierge

We provide high-level supports to allow corporate executives to make well-informed choices based on the most relevant, up to the minute data available. Then at your direction, we execute your plan with detailed precision. A few of the most important aspects of our CFO Concierge Services are:

    • Negotiating with Carriers, while keeping YOUR best interests at heart.
    • Developing projections to allow you to choose the most beneficial plan funding model
    • Auditing eligibility to ensure that you are covering only those that you want to cover.
    • Reviewing plan demographics and proactively recommending plan improvements.
    • Reconciling billing received from multiple locations.
    • Verifying funding and monitoring claims for stop-loss reimbursement.

 HR Concierge

Oversight of the daily operations of employee benefits packages can often be more than a full time job. Even with the best insurance companies there can be daily issues that require intense HR involvement. Our HR Concierge becomes another important human resources tool at your disposal. We are experienced in all aspects of human resources and can be as involved as you would like us to be. We can help you by:

    • Sending our staff to every one of your locations to meet face-to-face with you employees.
    • Explaining to employees every aspect of their benefits package, and answer any and all their questions.
    • Encouraging employees to call our service team first, so we can handle much of the day-to-day work.
    • Managing coordination of employee benefits with other insurance plans, COBRA and even governmental programs.
    • Assisting employees with network utilization, finding doctors, and case management.
    • Processing enrollments, terminations, changes, and special enrollments.
    • Processing and monitoring life insurance and LTD claims.
    • Preparing and sending COBRA paperwork and required notices in a timely manner.

 Employee Concierge

With the radical changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act and the increasing cost of healthcare, Companies are constantly in search of ways to provide better benefits to employees with the least impact on their budgets. Our Employee Concierge will surprise your employees and their families with a pampering level of care:

    • We take our time at enrollment to make sure that the employee and their family completely understand their benefits.
    • When your employees call, our phones are answered on the first ring by real people who love to help others.
    • We can provide direct intervention with providers to get the necessary information.
    • We can track deductibles and verify billing to ensure that the employee doesn’t overpay for services.
    • We will represent the employee, as their true advocate, in billing disputes with providers.
    • We will be an advocate for the employee in all interactions with the insurance carrier.
    • We can track all payments by the insurance company to providers to ensure that they arrive in a timely fashion.
    • We can facilitate case management for members with chronic conditions, which improves care, and keeps costs down.

Cost Structure

Because our Concierge Service is customized to your group’s individual wants and needs, the costs vary greatly.  However, generally, the cost ranges between $8 Per Member per month and $16 Per Member per month.  We do have certain groups that are as low as $5 Per Member per month.  There are a number of factors that are taken into account, including size of the group and whether or not we are the broker of record for the insurance products.  There are also “caps” on the total charges per month to consider, so it is best to contact us for a specific quote for your group.

Timing of Implementation & Broker of Record status.

We can implement our Concierge Service at any time during the plan year.  You do not have to change any part of your insurance plan, and the implementation of our services is quick and easy.  We are happy to implement our Concierge Service with any existing insurance carrier, and we are happy to work with any existing broker, if you decide you would like to keep your current insurance broker.  We do offer a discount to our service fee if you name us your “broker of record”, and because we are licensed in every State and U.S. territory (and we have contracts with nearly 50 carriers) you can easily name us as your broker of record anytime during the plan year with a simple one-page letter from your company to the insurance carrier.  Every insurance carrier has a specific format for their broker of record assignment letter, so contact us and we can provide the specific format for your specific carrier.